iSpy Keylogger

What is iSpy Keylogger?

iSpy Keylogger is a malicious keylogger Trojan that can be acquired by almost anyone who wants to indulge in criminal activities. This type of malicious software is created primarily to spy on the unsuspecting computer users and then steal your data for financial purposes. You may not even know that you have this infection on-board, so it is important that you run regular system scans to see whether your computer is safe and clean. If this keylogger happens to be installed on your computer, you need to remove iSpy Keylogger immediately. Otherwise, the infection will cause all sorts of damage.test

Where does iSpy Keylogger come from?

As mentioned, the program can be acquired by almost anyone, so it means that the infection is for sale in underground forums. Various sources indicate different sums, but it is clear that the price of this infection ranges from $25USD to $40USD. So anyone who acquires this program can, later on, spread it around. There are even Bronze, Diamond, and Platinum packages available, each offering different functions and services for the infection, even free support (in the case of the Diamond package).

The main delivery method for iSpy Keylogger is the spam email. It means that you should be exceptionally careful whenever you receive an email message with an attachment, especially if that message comes from an unfamiliar sender. It’s not just about the malicious attachments, though. The research suggests that the keylogger could also spread via malicious JavaScript within the actual email text. Overall, the infection can enter your computer under different guises. The installer file is often compressed, and it can have various extensions, making you think you are about to open a legitimate document.

Other research reports claim that the infection also makes use of expired digital certificates for its installer file so that this would allow it to pass a security scan if a user suddenly decides to scan the spam mail attachment.

What does iSpy Keylogger do?

Depending on the type of file used by the program, the installation pattern of this keylogger may differ. For example, one custom packer used by the criminals to compress the installer file uses a particular method to slow down the analysis.

At first, once the installation is triggered, this packer injects a new DLL loader into a new system process. This new DLL process continues to initiate the dropping of the payload into your system. It executes the code that runs and loads the main malicious file. Once that is done, the infection starts monitoring your clipboard and logs into your webcam. It can also capture your screen images, log keystrokes, and steal passwords and other sensitive information.

Needless to say, it is not just a one-time occurrence. The infection creates an entry in the registry that allows this program to run on every system startup. If the user does not delete iSpy Keylogger in a timely manner, the program sends the stolen data to the attacker, and then it is up to the criminals what they will do with it. The bottom line is that this infection is extremely dangerous, and you should not tolerate it any longer.

How do I remove iSpy Keylogger?

Our security experts say that you can remove the file associated with the infection that was dropped in the %AppData% directory. However, deleting this one file alone will not you help you get rid of iSpy Keylogger easily.

This file could be called skypeupdate.exe, updatess.exe or filename.exe, but in general, the name could be random. So you should be looking for an .exe file that seems out of place. We will give you the instructions how to get to the directory, but even if you do delete the files, please note that it would still be a good idea to acquire a powerful antispyware tool that would take care of this issue for you.

There may be registry entries and various files that are hard to delete if you are not an advanced computer user. Thus, your best option in this situation is to let a powerful antispyware program remove iSpy Keylogger for good. What’s more, by doing that you would also safeguard your system against similar security threats, consequently protecting your PC and your own data from malicious exploitation.

Manual iSpy Keylogger Removal

  1. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  2. Type %AppData% into the Open box and click OK.
  3. Look for the random .exe file and delete it.
  4. Scan your computer with SpyHunter.
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