The risks of the DeviantArt Scam

You have to be careful not to become the next victim of the mischievous DeviantArt Scam. Needless to say, this scam is targeted at those you use services, and, according to researchers, the scam has already affected many users. The victims of the DeviantArt Scam lose money, install undesirable software, and disclose private information that can be manipulated by unreliable parties. These are serious risks; however, you can avoid facing them if you are careful and mindful when browsing the web. In fact, most users will recognize the scam, because the site has been set up to share images, photos, digitals art, cartoons, and other types of images, not to help you download books. Continue reading to learn how the scam works, find out if you need to delete malware, and figure out what security measures you need to take to eliminate the security risks.

How does DeviantArt Scam work?

Needless to say, the DeviantArt Scam is operated via the popular Researchers have discovered quite a few new profiles which have been noted to spread the DeviantArt Scam, and some of the user names include zoombzz, mariastevens, and yvoneart. Unfortunately, there might be a bunch of other fictitious accounts that will be used to manage the scam. These users usually upload identical images, and this is a red flag. Furthermore, all of these images are used to present the offers managed via Many users click these links thinking that they will initiate the downloading of free books. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead of providing you with the promised books, the DeviantArt Scam links will route you to surveys managed via Users will not be allowed to remove these offers if they want to download the supposedly available products.

The misleading surveys

You may be offered to participate in surveys in order to win money, install freeware, get prizes, or win gift-cards. Unfortunately, many users are tricked by this thinking that they will not only receive the desired product but will also get the chance of winning something. In reality, you will get nothing, because the DeviantArt Scam has been created to trick you into disclosing private information. Most surveys presented via the DeviantArt Scam will route you to pages asking for your telephone number. Whatever you do, DO NOT enter your telephone number or other personal information, because it will be used against you. By entering the number, you will subscribe to a costly service that you will not be able to remove/disable easily. Furthermore, after this, you may be tricked into downloading completely worthless software, like the potentially unwanted program OutBrowse that we recommend removing.

How to remove the risks related to DeviantArt Scam

If you have fallen for the DeviantArt Scam, it is most likely that schemers have already collected private information that you have unknowingly shared via the fake surveys. Furthermore, malicious software may have been installed. If you are not sure about this, you need to install an authentic malware scanner, and if it detects threats, you need to delete them right away. You also need to be cautious with the virtual scams that you may be introduced to via email or text messages. Due to this, even if you can delete the existing threats manually, you also need to install reliable security software to guard you and your operating system against other devious scams, like the DeviantArt Scam.

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