System Progressive Protection

What is System Progressive Protection?

System Progressive Protection is an application which you might think is worthy of respect; however, it is bogus software created to swindle you out of your money. The rogue presents misleading information about your system and its infections, and you might start thinking that you have to purchase a so-called full version of System Progressive Protection which is claimed to be able to remove those threats. The truth is that you cannot delete the infections because they do not exist in the system. The only invader is the very rogue which should be removed.

As the rogue wants to scare you into believing that the system is infected, it presents realistic scans of the system and provides you with supposedly real viruses. System Progressive Protection is not antivirus software; hence, it cannot scan and detect anything. Ignore those infections as well as fake warnings saying that the system has been infected. Cyber criminals want to obtain your money, and this is the way they want to get it. Do not pay for the fake full version of System Progressive Protection and delete it instantly.testtesttesttesttest

As computer applications are written by hand, they can be removed by hand too. If you are an experienced Windows user or an IT technician, you can terminate the infection manually by deleting the rogue’s components one by one. However, if the manual removal of System Progressive Protection is not for you, we advise you to remove the malware with a removal tool. Use a legitimate antispyware application which is powerful enough to terminate dangerous infections, and System Progressive Protection will be deleted for you automatically. The only thing that you are responsible for in this case is the legitimacy of the removal tool. Use only a reliable tool so that the rogue is completely removed.

System Progressive Protection is the latest clone of Live Security Platinum, Smart Fortress 2012, Security Shield and other WinWebSec family rogue antispywares. Inside an infected PC this malicious program can block Internet connection, remove access to the Task Manager and Registry Editor, block the running of executable files, slow down the regular operations and cause other irritating symptoms. Various disturbances will make it difficult for you to delete System Progressive Protection both manually and automatically, and various notifications will uncontrollably flood your screen:

System Progressive Protection Warning
Spyware.IEMonster process is found. This is virus that is trying to send your passwords from Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook & others) for the third-parties.
Click here to protect your data with System Progressive Protection.

Application cannot be executed. The file rdpclip.exe is infected. Please active your antivirus software.

Even though System Progressive Protection still generates immense profits, cyber criminals behind the vast family have developed and distributed a new rogue anti-spyware – Disk Antivirus Professional. The malicious application is an identical copy of its previous clones;

Automatic System Progressive Protection Removal

If you have no idea how to delete the infection manually, the best way to clean your PC and secure your digital data against breaching is by installing automatic malware removal tools. To download them to your computer, you will firstly need to apply a registration code AA39754E-715219CE, which will remove all symptoms and unblock Internet connection. Once your access to the Internet browser is restored, initiate the automatic installation of a reliable removal tool.

System Progressive Protection blocked installer?

Sometimes System Progressive Protection virus can block the install file, so in order to install SpyHunter successfully, it is necessary to rename the installation package; otherwise, it will be impossible to launch the antispyware tool. The following instructions should help you install and launch the program:

  • Go to
  • Download SpyHunter.
  • Rename the download “explorer.exe”. System Progressive Protection will not identify the tool and you will be able to install it. To rename the installer:

1. Go to Start
2. Control Panel
3. Folder Options
3. Click on the 'View' Tab
4. Then simply uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types'.
5. Then click Apply
6. And press Ok

  • Now Just simple click on Spyhunter installer and rename it to explorer.exe
  • Launch a scan and remove System Progressive Protection.

System Progressive Protection Video Removal

Manual System Progressive Protection Removal

Manual infection’s removal is much more complicated then the automatic one, which means that only experienced Windows users will be able to proceed with the provided instructions. Also note that if you have any questions regarding the rogue’s removal or you have more useful information, please contact our AntiSpyware101 team by posting your comments below.

1. Kill all of these rogue’s processes using Task Manager:
2. Remove the registry keys using the Registry Editor, which you can access by typing “regedit” into Run.
3. Delete these malignant files:

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