System Care Antivirus

What is System Care Antivirus?

System Care Antivirus is yet another rogue antivirus program released by schemers behind the WinWebSec family. The clandestine infection comes from the same group of fake AV tools as AVASoft Professional Antivirus, Disk Antivirus Professional and System Progressive Protection. The clandestine threat is represented almost identically to its predecessors, as it uses the same pink on light blue layout. If you have noticed the suspicious program running on your computer, do not pay any attention to it or the seemingly authentic security warnings. The program is based on scare-tactics and all information presented through it is supposed to scare you into purchasing the full version of the completely fake tool. Do not even think about purchasing this product because it cannot delete computer threats or guard against them. Instead, you should invest your money in legitimate malware detection and removal tools which could remove System Care Antivirus.


How is System Care Antivirus presented?

The malicious rogue depends on the successful running of all malignant files which can be infiltrated onto your computer without any notice. It has been discovered that schemers may use Trojans, fake video codecs and the infamous ZeroAccess rootkit to drop the dangerous application onto the system. After this, malignant components are set to paralyze your computer, leading to Internet connection issues, inability to run system executables or access Task Manager and Registry Editor, both of which are required for manual System Care Antivirus removal operations. These dysfunctions are accompanied by the misleading rogue’s interface. The layout of it does not look suspicious as it offers such services as System Scan, Protection, Privacy, Update and Settings. The System Scan looks exceptionally intimidating because it mimics a real computer scanner which detects such scary-looking infections as Trojan.IRCBot.d and Worm.Bagle.CP. Below, you are recommended to ‘Get full real-time protection with System Care Antivirus’. Whether you click on this suggestion or the Remove button, you are routed to the purchase page of the fictitious application. This false recommendation is complimented by various fake security pop-ups:

Application cannot be executed. The file GoogleUpdate.exe is infected.
Please activate your antivirus software.

Warning: Your computer is infected
Detected spyware infection!
Click this message to install the last update of security software...

System Care Antivirus Warning
Intercepting programs that may compromise your privacy and harm your system have been detected on your PC.
Click here to remove them immediately with System Care Antivirus.

Automatic System Care Antivirus Removal

It is essential to have the rogue removed from the computer. If you do not perform this task, your operating Windows system is likely to be corrupted by more dangerous infections and you will not be able to run it safely. If you do not want to take any risks but you do not know how to perform manual System Care Antivirus removal, it is recommended that you use automatic spyware detection and removal software. This option fits both experienced and inexperienced Windows users.

  1. Register as a valid rogue’s user using this special activation key: AA39754E-715219CE. Apply this code through the interface of the fake application.
  2. Go to and download an automatic malware removal tool.
  3. Open the Start menu, click Control Panel and double-click Folder Options.
  4. Click on the View tab and mark Hide extensions for known file types. Click OK.
  5. Right-click on the downloaded file, select Rename and change the name to explorer.exe.
  6. Run the file to install the spyware removal application and delete the clandestine infection.

Manual System Care Antivirus Removal

If you do not want to apply automatic malware removal software and you are sure about your manual removal skills, there are a few steps you should perform to delete the clandestine rogue. Make sure to perform each of the steps with great care because any mistakes could lead to further security risks.

  • Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and terminate these processes:
  • Open the Registry Editor (enter regedit into RUN or Search) and remove these registry entries:
  • Delete these files:
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