Starburn Software Virus

What is Starburn Software Virus?

Starburn Software Virus is not an infection you want invading your operating Windows system; however, if the authentic program is installed on the PC – you are at risk! The authentic tool is available from, where it is presented as a “CD/DVD and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD recording and mastering application for Microsoft Windows.” team warns that if you do not want to worry about Starburn Software Virus removal, you need to delete the application from your PC and replace it with a reliable and secure piece.

The risks of Starburn Software Virus

As you download the program, StarBurnSetup.exe is dropped onto the computer. At first look this file might seem completely legitimate and harmless; however, it has been noticed that schemers might subject it to various malicious operations. The file has been discovered to execute Temporary Folder processes, hijack virtual memory and reconfigure autostart programs. What is more, this component may be polymorphic, which could stop necessary detection and removal tasks.

If you have downloaded the original Starburn Software onto the PC, there is a great chance that now both the search bar and the home page represent Starburn. Moreover, if you pay attention to the License Agreement presented upon the installation, you find out that the company reserves rights to collect your private information. If cyber criminals manage to implement all of this to hijack your browser, you could face identity theft, web page rerouting and filtered results. This is the risk you should not take, which is why the sooner you implement automatic removal tools to delete Starburn Software Virus the better.

How to remove Starburn Software Virus?

It has been found out that you can delete the virus from the computer via the Control Panel (Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a program). Or so it seems. In reality, if you remove the program using this method, you achieve nothing because the browser is still taken over by the malicious virus, whose components are running on the PC. Please implement SpyHunter to delete the application, because this automatic tool is reliable and can guarantee protection in the future.

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