What is SpyFalcon?

SpyFalcon is a malicious program disguised as a spyware protection program. SpyFalcon may take control of your computer and display a menacing security notification on your desktop suggesting that "the system has been stopped to protect you from Spyware" and directs to where you can purchase their software. SpyFalcon has created several SpyFalcon clones that have different spyware names but share the same behaviors; for example, Spysheriff, BraveSentry, Pest Trap, and SpywareStrike.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

SpyFalcon is also known to block your Internet connection. Naturally, as any other rogue out there, SpyFalcon will claim that this disturbing symptom a result of malware infection, but the truth is that rogues like SpyFalcon are eager to block the Internet connection in order to prevent the user from acquiring information on rogue removal online.

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As the user is blocked from the acquisition of removal methods, SpyFalcon continues to plague the infected system, manifesting itself as an icon on the Windows tray. SpyFalcon will constantly display a message stating that your system is in danger. Then you will be offered to download the full version of the application in order to "remove" those dangerous threats. However, this is the main reason why SpyFalcom is in your computer - it wants your money. So by downloading the application you would actually be consenting to the purchase of the full version of the rogue.

You should NEVER do that, because you would only lose your money while your computer would still be infected with SpyFalcon. Not to mention that you would constantly be spammed with random commercial advertisements, trying to milk even more money out of you.

It is, actually, rather hard to avoid being infected by SpyFalcon, if you already open a page that is related to the rogue - when the false Windows notification appears with Yes and No buttons, SpyFalcon download is initiated no matter which button you click. It shows that the rogue arrives at your system without your permission.

However, you can and must terminate SpyFalcon before it ruined your system. You can attempt to delete the rogue on your own, you are an experienced computer user, but if you don't want to accidentally delete an important system file, it would be better if you got yourself an antispyware program that would erase SpyFalcon for you automatically. Your computer would be protected once again, and you would not have to worry about similar attacks. Do what is best for your system and remove SpyFalcon right now.

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