Smart Guard Protection

What is Smart Guard Protection?

If you do not own a reliable spyware removal tool, it is time to get one but definitely not Smart Guard Protection. Smart Guard Protection is a piece of scareware which seeks to get your money. Once installed without your permission, it imitates system scans so that you think that the computer is infected. The rogue application itself is a computer infection, which you should remove from the system as soon as possible. The deceitful program belongs to the Rogue.WinWebSec family, which includes Live Security Platinum, Antiviral Factory 2013, System Care Antivirus, and many other vicious computer threats that seek to obtain computer users’ money.

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How does Smart Guard Protection work?

In order to make you purchase the full version of the program, the trial version imitates system scanning and generates different system tray warnings. They may inform you about some infections or warn that the Firewall has just blocked some threats:

Windows Security Center
Warning! Suspicious activity detected.
Virus activity detected.
Attempt to change configuration files detected.
Rootkit embedding attempt detected.

Warning! Infected file detected.
We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

The fake scanner and all the security alerts that are provided by Smart Guard Protection should be disregarded because they do not provide information about the actual security status of the system. If you have Smart Guard Protection on the PC, you have probably noticed that you are constantly encouraged to activate the program. If you do not want to lose your money and expose your personal banking details such as credit card number and card verification number, remove the rogue application from the PC.

If you think that Smart Guard Protection will help you to regain access to the Internet, you are mistaken. The rogue antivirus program disables executable files and restricts access to the Internet to make you think that the system is afflicted by all those threats that you are provided with in the scan results window. None of the threats are present within the system; moreover, Smart Guard Protection is not powered by the virus detection technology, which means that it only simulates system scanning.

How to remove Smart Guard Protection?

Since Smart Guard Protection is not capable of malware removal, do not keep it on your PC. This malicious program may download new files to the system, so you should take action to remove the program right now. After you eliminate the threat, you can browse the Internet and use other computer application as usual. Below you will find instructions on how to remove Smart Guard Protection.

Automatic Removal of Smart Guard Protection

Automatic removal is the safest and the easiest way to remove a rogue anti-spyware tool and our team recommends that you implement SpyHunter. The malicious program creates its registry entries, files, and processes, all of which have to be removed from the PC. The recommended software program will remove them from the system, so follow the instructions to implement it successfully:

  • Activate the program using this key: AA39754E-216A8FF3
  • Implement the recommended spyware removal tool.
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Manual Removal of Smart Guard Protection

Even though manual removal is not recommended, below you will find the components of the infection which you should remove from the PC. Please note that you perform the removal at your own risk.

  • Kill these processes:
  • Remove these registry entries:
  • Delete the following files:


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