What is sirefef.gen!c?

sirefef.gen!c is a generic detection that indicates the presence of Win32/Sirefef family of malware on your computer. sirefef.gen!c may be detected as a virus or a Trojan dropper, but the fact is that if there is at least one component of the Win32/Sirefef family detected on your PC, there is an extremely high probability that you are infected with other malicious pieces of software from the same group as well. Therefore, you are highly recommended to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner, to check whether your computer is infected or not. If so, you need to remove sirefef.gen!c and all the related infections immediately.

What does sirefef.gen!c do?

Since sirefef.gen!c is a multi-component malware family, each component has different functions. Nevertheless, this malware family is well-known for its ability to employ rootkits and hide its presence from security programs. The most common behavior that is attributed to sirefef.gen!c is the ability to download and execute a number of arbitrary files that may even contain additional malware. This malware can also contact remote server to receive configuration information and to upload data collected on compromised computer. What is more, sirefef.gen!c can disable built-in security features that exposes your system to further malware infections. As a result you can experience a complete system crash and lose a significant amount of sensitive data.

How to remove sirefef.gen!c?

The most dangerous thing about sirefef.gen!c is that it employs newest stealth techniques which allows the malware to avoid being detected and removed. You may need several antimalware programs to remove sirefef.gen!c from your computer. Also, there are no common symptoms that would indicate your system is infected with sirefef.gen!c. However, if your computer is exhibiting erratic behavior, the overall processing is slower than before, you are experiencing slow Internet connection, then you definitely need to run a full system scan with a powerful antimalware tool at once, because you might be suffering from sirefef.gen!c and other related malware programs without even realizing it. Do invest in a legitimate computer safeguard program to make sure that you are no longer attacked by the likes of sirefef.gen!c.

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