Security Cleaner Pro

What is Security Cleaner Pro?

Security Cleaner Pro is yet another clandestine rogue anti-spyware from the Rogue.WinWebSec family. Thousands of Windows users have already dealt with other clandestine infections from this faction, and you may have already heard about Sinergia Cleaner, Antivirus Security Pro, Attentive Antivirus, System Doctor 2014, and tens of other malicious rogues. The strength of these infections lies within the interfaces. For example, if your operating Windows system gets infected with Security Cleaner Pro, you are presented with a program which does not look malicious at all. The interface of the fictitious anti-spyware presents you with an allegedly reliable scanner and such services as Firewall, Personal Security, Proactive Defense and Internet Security. Unfortunately, because the application looks authentic, cyber criminals behind it have already reached immense success at fooling hundreds into wasting their money on the full version of the tool which will never delete real malware. Do you want to learn how to remove Security Cleaner Pro?

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How does Security Cleaner Pro act?

The experienced researchers at have discovered that the clandestine rogue can enter your personal computer with the assistance of fictitious online scanners. You may be routed to this fake scanner after clicking on a corrupted link presented in a spam email or via social engineering sites. If you trust the bogus scanner and decide to download the offered malware remover – you will allow the entrance of the malicious rogue yourself. Needless to say, there are tens of security backdoors that cyber criminals could use to infiltrate the clandestine rogue onto your personal computer. For example, schemers could employ bundled downloads, fake video codecs and system updates to drop malignant rogue’s files onto the computer as well. All in all, as soon as the clandestine rogue enters the operating Windows system it initiates a scan and presents you with a number of misleading pop-up notifications. Here is an example:

Security Cleaner Pro (UNREGISTERED)
Infected process ‘md.exe’ trying to infect your files.

You should ignore the fake pop-ups and the misleading scan because it will indicate that your PC is infected with tens of clandestine infections, none of which actually exist on the computer. Unfortunately, the rogue can also block access to the Internet Explorer, disrupt the running of most executable files and even remove access to Task Manager and Registry Editor utilities. This is why Security Cleaner Pro removal could be extremely complicated. Luckily, there is a special activation key which you can apply to get rid of all these symptoms. This will act as if you had paid for the full version of the fake malware detector/remover, and we can guarantee that wasting your money on the allegedly licensed version is not necessary.

Activation key:

Automatic Security Cleaner Pro Removal

Whether you are experienced with malware removal of not, we recommend that you delete Security Cleaner Pro using automatic Windows security software which could ensure full-time system’s protection against illicit activity in the future. Needless to say, this option is much less complicated than the manual removal one because it does not require extensive knowledge about the operating system, registry entries or malignant files. We strongly recommend installing the automatic malware removal tool SpyHunter because it will delete other potentially existing infections as well. Our researchers warn that rogues often run alongside Trojans which require immediate removal as well. Do you know how to install Security Cleaner Pro removal spftware onto the computer and remove this virus? Apply the activation key presented above and then visit .

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Manual Security Cleaner Pro Removal

The manual removal option is much more complicated and we strongly recommend that less experienced Windows users do not attempt to get rid of the clandestine rogue using the steps presented below. If you do not know what to do and how vulnerable your system is, there is a possibility that you will make detrimental mistakes.

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and end these processes:


Open the Registry Editor (type regedit into RUN/Search) and remove these entries:

Locate and delete these malignant files:

  1. . Our researchers warn that rogues often run alongside Trojans which require immediate removal as well. Do you know how to install this program onto the computer? Apply the activation key presented above and then visit..

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