What is SearchandStreamTV?

SearchandStreamTV is a potentially unwanted program that is incapable of providing you with any beneficial services. This PUP does exactly what any regular web browser would do in a sense that it finds the movies/TV shows you are interested in and provides sources that you can watch them on. These sources include Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix, and you do not need some weird extension to point you to them. Although this program might seem fun and useful, it is unlikely that it was created to help you out. researchers believe that the objectives of this extension are to introduce you to sponsored search results and collect data that could be used to approach you with more attractive offers, even if these offers are provided by a different program. If you are not convinced that you should remove SearchandStreamTV from your operating system, please continue reading.testtesttest

How does SearchandStreamTV work?

Have you downloaded this potentially unwanted program from Have you acquired it via the Chrome web store? Maybe you have downloaded it from a third-party software distributor? It is very important to answer the questions regarding the distribution of this PUP. Although we do not advise installing this program altogether, we certainly do not advise installing it with the help of unfamiliar installers. There is a possibility that you will be introduced to third-party software if you use suspicious installers, and this puts a risk of installing malicious software. If you are exposed to unfamiliar programs, the first thing you need to do is research them because you do not want malicious threats entering your PC and corrupting your browsers. SearchandStreamTV itself can be installed onto Google Chrome, and, if installed, it automatically modifies your regular search results. Although some users are convinced that they need to delete this extension because it works as a browser hijacker, our researchers note that users accept the modifications when they install this program and go through the Permissions pop-up. This pop-up informs about the implementation of, the reading of data, and the communication with the so-called cooperating websites.

As mentioned previously, SearchandStreamTV is capable of introducing users to sponsored links, and it can do that in a very clandestine way. Instead of using its own search tool to show search results, it redirects to Bing search, which makes users trust the links provided to them. Unfortunately, some links might be added by the PUP. As mentioned in the Permissions of this program, it can read and change data on sites. Another suspicious feature associated with this PUP is the collection of private data. As disclosed in the Privacy Policy, personal and non-personal information can be collected and shared with third parties, which, unfortunately, opens a security backdoor. The parties that this PUP is associated with are unknown, and their intentions are mysterious. Even if these parties are harmless, you do not know that, and you need to consider the worst outcome. One of the outcomes could be the leak of personal data and its exploitation to scam you or use your identity to scam others. Hopefully, you will not need to worry about identity theft, but we suggest eliminating the PUP to avoid any possibility of this.

How to eliminate SearchandStreamTV

Unwanted extensions are not always easy to eliminate; however, you can delete SearchandStreamTV without putting much effort into the task. One of the ways to eliminate this extension is to remove it directly from the browser. If this is the method you are interested in, open the browser, tap Alt+F, click More tools, and select Extensions to access the list of all available add-ons. Then, click the trash bin icon next to the unwanted add-on and eliminate it. Another option you have is to eliminate the files from your PC, and this is the method we represent below. Once you get rid of this PUP, immediately scan your operating system. A full scan will help you find out if other threats are active on your computer, and, if they are active, make sure you eliminate them as soon as possible. researchers are ready to answer any remaining questions that you might have, and you can post them below.

Removal Instructions

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E to launch Explorer.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ into the address bar.
  3. Open the Default folder or, if you are logged in, the folder representing your Profile name.
  4. Open the Extensions folder and locate the flejlocnpblendpdeepkkgmpninkklbk folder.
  5. Right-click the folder and select Delete.
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