Reveton Trojan

What is Reveton Trojan?

If you know FBI MoneyPak and its clones, you should know that these cunning infections are distributed by Reveton Trojan, also known as Trojan.Win.32/Reveton.A or simply Reveton.A. The Trojan is associated with Citadel, which is known to have been derived from a vicious threat called ZeuS Trojan. In contrast to other malware that uses different ways of spread, Reveton Trojan is claimed to circulate on the Internet with the help of infected websites. It is likely that not all security applications are able to identify and remove the intruder; therefore, in case Reveton infects the computer, a powerful spyware removal application should be used.

In the system, the Reveton infection disables access to the desktop’s programs, and presents an alert message listing accusations which are supposed to prompt the user to pay money in order to unlock the “frozen” computer. As the Trojan has different versions depending on the country where it is spread, the sum of money varies in currency: it could be dollars, euros or pounds.  Moreover, different versions present different paying methods such as MoneyPak, Ukash and Paysafecard. Users are not required to reveal their sensitive banking details, because a voucher necessary to make a payment could be acquired in local stores. However, even without committing identity theft, cyber schemers are able to deceive thousands of people and earn astronomical sums of money.

Consequently, it is crucial to remove Reveton Trojan instead of thinking that FBI, Canadian Investigation Department or any other authoritative institution threatens to sue you for storing and distributing copyrighted music or material of pornographic nature. These two issues are observed to be the typical accusations; however, there is no need to think that the messages presented by Reveton Trojan are genuine and that the accusations are based on facts.

The easiest way to remove Reveton Trojan is to use a professional spyware removal tool so that the infection is termated quickly and successfully. The following steps will show you how to download SpyHunter, which will also protect your computer against future infections:

  1. Press the restart button and immediately hit F8.
  2. Select Safe Mode.
  3. Go to your Start menu and find the Run option.
  4. Type in msconfig and press Ok.
  5. Find the Startup tab and uncheck all suspicious startup entries especially referencing RunDL.
  6. Restart the computer normally.
  7. Open the browser and go to and download the tool which will remove Reveton Trojan for you automatically.

If you have any questions or need help with the removal, our team is always ready to help you.

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