What is SecurityFighter?

SecurityFighter is a dangerous fake scan system product which was created by the same group of hackers who created SaveKeep, QuickHealCleaner, SystemCop, BlockDefense, SaveDefense, Trust Ninja and SaveSoldier.No matter what name it goes by or who the creators are, their goals and intentions are the same.SecurityFighter is not going to keep your computer safe and instead will do quite the opposite.SecurityFighter may gain access to your system through Trojans, browser hijacks and various fake antimalware scanner.
Once SecurityFighter has found its way onto your machine, it will start every time when you start up your computer.SecurityFighter will then start a fake scan, which may appear identical to authentic computer system scans. After it has pretended to run this fake scan, it will then present you with fake scan report results. It will also present you with many system security notifications alerting you to problems it will claim that you have. It may also continuously display annoying popups, which will drive you crazy. Do not buy any full versions and remove SecurityFighter from your machine immediately upon detection.

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