What is SafetyKeeper?

SafetyKeeper is of the newer and more dangerous antispyware software on the Internet. It is a direct copy of SaveKeeper or SystemCop. SafetyKeeper will penetrate your system when you least expect it through malicious Trojans. Once it is on your machine, this is when the real problems start. You will start receiving notifications after a scan has been done, that alert you to various infections which are running on your computer.
These notifications will appear very real as they even impersonate the Windows Security Center. This means that you will not know the difference and will automatically assume it is really Microsoft coming up with these notifications. One of these SafetyKeeper notifications will tell you that your machine is in great danger and the only way to rectify this, is to purchase the full version.SafetyKeeper is very dangerous as it also has been designed to block authentic antivirus sites by hijacking your Internet Explorer browser. If you can't get your browser to go to antivirus sites then this is a clear indication that SafetyKeeper is on your machine. Don't delay, get into action and get rid of SafetyKeeper as fast as you can today.

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