Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension

What is Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension?

Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension is a suspicious browser plugin that may encourage you to browse the Internet with an untrustworthy search engine called The most annoying part is the software might do this by changing user’s default start page, search provider, or new tab page. Moreover, researchers at are saying the application may offer to install another questionable tool, and it could act in a similarly irritating manner right after it gets installed. Thus, it is no wonder the tool was categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Accordingly, we advise against its usage and to help users delete Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension from Google Chrome we have prepared removal instructions showing how to get rid of the PUP step by step.testtesttest

Where does Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension come from?

The browser plugin could be downloaded from, although our researchers suspect Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension could travel with bundled setup files too. If that is the case, some users might even add it accidentally. As you see, some setup files allow deselecting bundled suggestions only if the user chooses custom or advanced settings. Therefore, if you rush to finish the installation process and do not pick this option, the applications bundled with the main program, could be installed automatically without any further notice to you. In other words, being attentive might stop you from getting unwanted tools. Also, instead of downloading setup files from unreliable file-sharing web pages, it would be safer to get them from legitimate sites that can be trusted not to bundle the installers they offer with potential threats. Another smart idea would be to acquire a legitimate antimalware tool so you could scan questionable data or be warned about it.

How does Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension work?

As soon as Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension enters the system, it should alter user’s start page to make the browser load its search engine. The newly presented tool should be titled However, since it uses a modified version of, less experienced users might think they are browsing the internet with the original Yahoo search engine and not The biggest problem with the PUP’s search engine is that there is a chance it could show you questionable pop-ups, banners, sponsored links, or other advertisements from the third party. We should warn you such content might seem tempting, but you should keep it in mind it could originate from anywhere, including scam websites, sites distributing malware, or threats similar to Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension, and so on. The same goes for another search engine called that you may come across if you install the PUP’s suggested plugin titled Search 4newtab. Under such circumstances, we believe it would be safest to remove the suspicious extension and find yourself a trustworthy search engine. If you entirely agree with us, continue reading the report and learn how to erase the application.

How to eliminate Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension?

If you would like to use automatic features, you should install a legitimate antimalware tool, start a full system scan and wait till the chosen software detect Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension. Afterward, it should provide a removal button, so all you would have to do is click it, and the PUP is supposed to be erased at once. Nonetheless, users who prefer dealing with the suspicious plugin on their own can do so as well. The manual deletion should not be too complicated even for inexperienced users and if you need any help; we placed instructions explaining the process just a bit below this paragraph.

Delete Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension from Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click ALT+F to access Settings.
  3. Press More tools to go to Extensions and locate the unwanted plugin.
  4. Press the recycle bin button available near the extension.
  5. Click Remove to confirm you wish to eliminate Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension.
  6. Restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Zip4NewTab Chrome Extension*

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