"Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware

What is "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware?

"Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware is a fake system alert that suggests you have to buy Windows license to unlock the screen. Probably, the most frightening part is the line where it says all of your files are being encrypted. As you probably already know, encryption is a process during which affected data becomes unreadable without specific decryption means. Nonetheless, in this case, we have some good news, as our researchers discovered the malicious application only says it is encrypting data but does not initiate such process. In other words, once you unlock your screen, you should see there are no changes made to your data. If you need any help while unlocking the screen and erasing "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware you should have a look at the instructions located at the end of the text as well as read the rest of the report.testtest

Where does "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware come from?

There is no information on how "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware is distributed, but our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com suspect it could be malicious file-sharing web pages, untrustworthy advertising content, etc. In other words, the fake alert could slip in if you download content from suspicious websites or pop-ups. Therefore, to avoid similar malware or even more dangerous threats we recommend against downloading content from P2P file-sharing networks and other sources alike. Plus, our researchers advise employing a legitimate antimalware tool that could warn you if you are about to interact with potentially malicious content or stop threats from entering your system.

How does "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware work?

"Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware does not need to create a lot of data to settle in, as our researchers say it creates only one executable file in the user’s Startup location. This way, the malicious application ensures the user will not get rid of the fake alert by restarting the computer as the created executable file should relaunch it. The screen becomes locked when the threat covers it with a blue window containing a warning message. It says the user’s computer was banned and the files located on it are being encrypted because of “fake Windows” usage. The rest of the alert urges the user to get his data back by buying the operating system’s license.

Our specialists claim it could cost up to 200 US dollars. While the message might look realistic at first, you should notice details revealing it is just a scam after further inspection. For example, the warning’s text has lots of grammatical mistakes. What’s more, it should look suspicious such a reputable company is damaging your files just to make you pay for a license as no organization who cares about its users and reputation would do anything like this. However, learning "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware is a scam should explain everything. Once you realize it is a fake alert, the next step is getting rid of it.

How to erase "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware?

First of all, users should unlock their screens so they could access the tools needed to erase "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware. There are two ways to get rid of the screen lock. First one is to press Alt+F4 with your keyboard and if it does not work or you want to try the second option, you should enter this code 30264410. For further instructions, we urge you to have a look at the steps located at the end of this paragraph unless you do not want to remove the malware manually. In such a case, we recommend checking the system with a legitimate antimalware tool of your choice.

Remove "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware

  1. Unlock the screen by entering 30264410 or pressing Alt+F4.
  2. Tap Windows key+E.
  3. Navigate to the following folders:
  4. Look for a file that could be the threat’s launcher (some suspicious file you received right before the screen was blocked).
  5. Right-click the file you suspect and select Delete.
  6. Then go to shell:startup
  7. Locate an executable file titled winban.exe, right-click it and click Delete.
  8. Exit File Explorer.
  9. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  10. Reboot the device. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of "Your Windows Has Been Banned" Ransomware*

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