XUY Ransomware

What is XUY Ransomware?

XUY Ransomware encrypts files only in particular locations. Then it should show a message with instructions on what the victim should and should not do. In exchange for putting up with the demands of the hackers behind the malware promise, the user will be able to decrypt his data. We do not advise doing it, no mater what the note says or promises. That is because the threats on the ransom note appear to be empty as our researchers report the malicious application is incapable of doing what the note mentions. Plus, it looks like the given payment address is fake too. To learn more about XUY Ransomware, including how to erase it we advise reading the rest of our article. A bit below it you should find instructions showing how to remove the malware, which might be useful also if you decide to erase the threat.test

Where does XUY Ransomware come from?

Our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com say XUY Ransomware could be distributed in small gaming communities. For example, the malware’s launcher might be some document, installer, or any other file that could be delivered via chat messages, emails, etc. Therefore, those who want to protect their system from this malicious application ought to be cautious with all data coming from unreliable sources. Suspicious files should be always scanned with a legitimate antimalware tool first to make sure they are no malicious and cannot harm the system or files located on it.

How does XUY Ransomware work?

After entering the system, XUY Ransomware should check the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% directory to see if it contains a file called trig. In case there is such a file, the malicious application does not start the encryption process. Otherwise, it ought to encipher files located in the %USERPROFILE% and %PUBLIC% folders and their subfolders. After encryption, the files are supposed to have a second extension called .xuy, so it is not difficult to separate them.

Soon enough the malware should show a ransom note, which starts with “YOUR PC XUY BALLS xD "Works for XUY" Your personal files were encrypted.” It says the user can get his files back if he pays a ransom of 400 US dollars. It also threatens to delete files if the user does not comply with demands and claims it has ruined the computers Registry files, Master Boot Record, etc. Nevertheless, as we mentioned earlier, all that is said on the note is a lie, which means victims of XUY Ransomware might be unable to get their files back even if they are willing to pay.

How to remove XUY Ransomware?

As you probably realize, there is nothing left to do but to eliminate XUY Ransomware after the system with gets infected with it. To do so manually you could use the instructions located below this article. As for erasing it with automatic features, we recommend employing a legitimate antimalware tool that you can trust. Once it is gone and the computer is clean again, keep in mind you could replace encrypted files with backup copies if you have them.

Eliminate XUY Ransomware

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Choose Task Manager and click the Processes tab.
  3. Find a process belonging to the malware, select it and press End Task.
  4. Close Task Manager.
  5. Press Windows key+E.
  6. Go to your Desktop, Temporary Files, and Downloads directories.
  7. Find the file launched before the threat infected the computer.
  8. Right-click this file and click Delete.
  9. Close File Explorer.
  10. Empty Recycle Bin.
  11. Reboot the system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of XUY Ransomware*

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