What is XPSecurityCenter?

XPSecurityCenter (XP SecurityCenter or XP Security Center) is a fake spyware remover that masquerades itself as a legitimate Windows's software. XPSecurityCenter sneaks into your computer system with the help of Trojan Zlob. XPSecurityCenter will try to scare you with fake messages informing you that your computer is infected with spyware. XPSecurityCenter may also use it's fake system scanner to imitate a real scanning process and then, give a list spyware that supposedly your computer is infected with.
Once you click on any link provided by XPSecurityCenter, you'll be redirected to XPSecurityCenter's website (XPSecurityCenter.com) where XPSecurityCenter is sold as a legitimate software. If you buy XPSecurityCenter's full version, it promises to get rid of the supposed threats, but remember that XPSecurityCenter is the threat itself. These are all means used by XPSecurityCenter to scare and push you to buy the full XPSecurityCenter program to remove the supposed threats.

XPSecurityCenter's messages will continue appearing unless you purchase the full XPSecurityCenter program or remove XPSecurityCenter (the actual threat).

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