XP Internet Security

What is XP Internet Security?

XP Internet Security is the new Rogue security application spreading through internet. This new version is associated with Win 7 Antispyware 2010 or XP Antivirus 2010 and although the program is the same, it uses different names on different OS'es. Usualy XP Internet Security is advertised through pop-up advertisements.
Important to bear in mind with all these type programs, like XP Internet Security, is that by clicking on the pop-up messages the user inadvertently triggers an online system scanner that `detects` a variety of threats the infiltrated system is supposedly a victim of... this is all fictitious! These fictitious XP Internet Security security alerts will claim that the computer system is infected with malware and that these security risks need to be handled as soon as is possible.

The XP Internet Security malware will even so go so far as to claim that the only way to rid your PC of the influx of viruses on the system will be to purchase its `commercial` software. XP Internet Security is thus marketed as a system protection utility. Do not trust this application, is a scam. Simply remove XP Internet Security as soon as it has been detected.

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