XP Guardian

What is XP Guardian?

XP Guardian is the latest rogue application, also known as Antivirus XP 2010 or XP Internet Security. XP Guardian is quite rare in that it is capable of altering its interface and name depending on which Operating system is present on the system it has infiltrated. In this case, XP Guardian is the name it goes by when embedded within the Windows XP operating system.
This particular threat, XP Guardian is not to be trusted, as it will only cause damage to any computer system it has infiltrated. XP Guardian is sneaky, and may hide itself within registry files on an infected system, therefore there are a few sure ways to tell whether your system may be in jeopardy of infection. The above mentioned symptoms are sure tell-tale signs of the presence of rogue software, therefore on will need to remove the likes of XP Guardian and all its components, as soon as it has been detected within a computer system.

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