XP Antivirus 2012

What is XP Antivirus 2012?

If you are looking for a genuine security tool to complement your PC’s security then steer well clear of XP Antivirus 2012. This application, despite what it pretends to be is in fact nothing more than a malicious rogue antispyware application. It will do everything in its power to convince its victim of its legitimacy, but the truth of the matter is XP Antivirus 2012 has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system, and is nothing more than an infection in itself.

XP Antivirus 2012 enters the system under suspicious circumstances. It is distributed via fake online malware scanners and rubbish browser hijackers. XP Antivirus 2012 has also been known to bundle its malware and Trojans together with legitimate security downloads and updates obtainable from third party websites.

Once XP Antivirus 2012 roots itself in the system it will proceed to spam the user with various fake security alerts. These falsely generated notifications were designed simply to panic the user into thinking his system is under attack. These alerts are completely without merit and should not be trusted.

In order to take back control of your PC get rid of XP Antivirus 2012 while there is still time. This is best achieved by making use of a genuine security tool.

The first step for removal of the rogue is to use these activation codes to “register” it and bypass the annoying pop-ups:


Notice that after entering the keys the software is still in YOur computer and may wake-up anytime.

Since after installation the fake program blocks all exe files, you have to restart your computer and load it in Safe Mode with Networking to download SpyHunter from this website. If you cannot load the Safe Mode, then download SpyHunter on another computer and then transfer the program’s installer file into your machine via a USB drive. Do not forget to rename the installer file from installer.exe to installer.com, because the rogue might block it.

If you have downloaded SpyHunter via Safe Mode and saved it on Your Desktop, you must restart your computer again and load it in the Normal Mode to install the program. Once you have done that, SpyHunter will jump into action and perform the scan, killing the rogue. The killing process only shuts down all the hidden processes that blocked you from running programs. You mustn’t leave it your computer, because they might download other malware. So perform a full system scan with SpyHunter and get rid of any type of malware that might be present in your computer at the moment.

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Stop these XP Antivirus 2012 Processes:


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