Xorist-XWZ Ransomware

What is Xorist-XWZ Ransomware?

If you let in Xorist-XWZ Ransomware, your personal files will be encrypted using a complex algorithm. If the infection is successful, recovering files will become impossible. Unfortunately, not all victims realize or want to believe this. The cyber criminals who have built the malicious infection – which, by the way, is a different version of the infamous Xorist Ransomware – promise a solution, but, of course, trusting the promises of cyber criminals is not a good idea under any circumstances. Hopefully, your photos, personal documents, media files, and other personal content is backed up externally, and you still have access to copies. In this case, you should not hesitate to delete Xorist-XWZ Ransomware from your operating system any further. Even if there is no way for to recover your personal files, you want to eliminate the malicious infection as soon as possible. If you continue reading, you will not only learn more about the threat but its removal as well.test

How does Xorist-XWZ Ransomware work?

Xorist-XWZ Ransomware attacks Windows operating systems via emails. Cyber criminals attach the launcher of the threat to misleading messages that are sent randomly to anyone whose email address is recorded. The addresses can be recorded using scams or by other malicious infections. If the targeted user is tricked into opening the file, they let in the ransomware without even realizing it, and it does not waste any time. The encryption of files begins shortly, and, in the process, the threat can corrupt hundreds and thousands of files, depending on how many of them are found on the computer. Anti-Spyware-101.com research team warns that the threat is capable of encrypting at least 107 different types of files, including .avi, .bmp, .dat, .doc, .html, or .jpg. When the files are encrypted, the “.XWZ file.exe.xwz” extension is appended to their names, which can make it easier to check which files were corrupted. At the time of research, third-party file encryptors did not work, and decrypting files manually was not possible either. This is why users are likely to pay attention to the message that is represented via the “READ ME FOR DECRYPT.txt” file.

The ransom note presented by Xorist-XWZ Ransomware suggests that only the creators of the infection can decrypt the files, and that is not a lie. If they created an encryption key, they should have the decryption key too, but, of course, it is up to them whether or not they release it. Cyber criminals want you to email them at BlackStarMafia@qq.com, and you need to think carefully if that is what you should do. Of course, you do not need to pay attention to the information they send you after you establish communication, and you certainly do not need to pay the ransom. Nonetheless, if you email them, you subject yourself to other spam emails in the future, and that is why we do not recommend contacting the creator of Xorist-XWZ Ransomware at all. Paying the ransom is not recommended either, and that is because it is unlikely that the money you pay would convince the crooks to help you out. Needless to say, if you do not want to be terrorized by malicious parties in the future, you need to use backups to keep your files safe.

How to delete Xorist-XWZ Ransomware

Not every victim will be able to remove Xorist-XWZ Ransomware from their Windows operating system themselves, and that is because it might be hard to find the launcher file. Without a doubt, if you know where it is, you need to delete it right away. Unfortunately, the files will not be recovered if you eliminate this file. Nonetheless, doing that is extremely important, and if you cannot do it manually, you should not hesitate to install a legitimate anti-malware tool to catch and delete Xorist-XWZ Ransomware automatically. If other threats exist, this tool will eliminate them as well, and it will also keep your operating system protected in the future, which is something every Windows user needs. Even if you successfully eliminate the ransomware yourself, you need to think about the protection of your operating system. If you have any questions about the threat, you can contact our research team using the comments section to discuss things further.

Removal Instructions

  1. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files (you need to delete the .exe of the ransomware).
  2. Find the ransom note file, READ ME FOR DECRYPT.txt, and Delete it.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and then perform a full system scan to check for leftovers. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Xorist-XWZ Ransomware*

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