What is wrtc.exe?

wrtc.exe is a process file that can be found running in your Task Manager. This file is associated with IncrediMail software applications that are often categorized as potentially unwanted programs. This file may be considered potentially dangerous and thus you highly recommended removing wrtc.exe from your computer. The main issue related to this file is the fact that wrtc.exe could pose a variety of security-related threats you ought to avoid. It also means that you should perform regular system scans with a legitimate computer safeguard tool to prevent such things as wrtc.exe entering your system.

What is IncrediMail?

Since wrtc.exe is associated with IndrediMail, chances are you’ve got this file when you installed IncrediMail or any other product related to this application. IncrediMail is a free email client that provides apps for your computer and your tablet. According to the official website at IncrediMail, with this application installed, you will be able to share photos right in your email box, decorate messages with backgrounds, send animated cards, share emoticons and so on. Despite its seemingly innocent nature, InrediMail is not a desirable program, along with other applications developed by the same company – PhotoJoy, Smilebox or SweetIM.

What does wrtc.exe do?

The behavior of this file depends on the program it comes with. For example, sometimes wrtc.exe is even associated with the MyStart toolbar that changes your default home and browser settings. However, most of the time wrtc.exe is quoted to be responsible for displaying commercial advertisements. The file cannot be extremely dangerous on its own, but the problem is that wrtc.exe is often bundled with other applications you do not even need. Not to mention that the file itself can take up a significant amount of your system resources. For example, wrtc.exe may create multiple copies of itself, and in the long run it could hog up to 100% of the CPU usage.

How to remove wrtc.exe?

Needless to say, that with your CPU usage taken over by wrtc.exe, your computer will become slow and irresponsive. Not to mention that some of the version of this file could exhibit annoying and intrusive behavior, exposing you to malware infections. In order to remove wrtc.exe from your computer you need to scan your PC with SpyHunter free scanner and see which programs the file is related to. Then uninstall the applications via your Control Panel or simply use a reliable computer security tool to remove wrtc.exe automatically along with all the other potentially unwanted programs. Do what it takes to secure your PC against possible threats.

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