What is Work-Bar?

Why did you install Work-Bar onto your computer? Were you convinced that this tool could make your Chrome homepage much more “fun and attractive?” Well, this is the promise that you get when you land on or the Chrome web store page dedicated to representing this suspicious extension. At the moment, the installer on the official download page does not work, but you can still acquire it via the Chrome web store. Of course, most users will face this suspicious add-on when interacting with software bundles. If you have been offered this add-on via a software bundle as well, you might have faced a bunch of other suspicious, potentially unreliable programs. Have you downloaded them without researching them? Although these programs might have appeared to be harmless and maybe even highly useful, you should still run a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner just to make sure that they are harmless. If you find out that you need to remove them, do not hesitate for a moment. We also advise deleting Work-Bar, and you can learn more about this via the report.testtest

How does Work-Bar work? analysts have found that Work-Bar was developed by Via Advertising Group Limited. This company also stands behind software introduced to users via,, and other suspicious websites. Although the software created and promoted by this company, at first sight, looks harmless, it appears that ulterior motives might be hidden. For example, when analyzing the information at, we found out that the company might introduce you to surveys and contests, which probably are based on prize giveaways. That means that if you install the add-on, you are likely to be bombarded with pop-ups promoting suspicious surveys and offers. On top of that, the information in the Privacy Policy reveals that the extension could be used to deliver third-party ads. Have you come across any suspicious banners or pop-ups after acquiring the add-on? It is most likely that these will be represented via the search results that the extension offers. Have you found that chrome-extension://hofngijjpilmembpgefopjcfiimkdkhi/newtab.html has replaced your homepage or the New Tab? This represents the interface of the extension along with the search tool.

When you enter keywords into the search box represented via Work-Bar, you will be redirected to the Google search engine at The results shown might look normal, but, in reality, trusting them would be a mistake. The creator of the unreliable add-on can modify the results shown to display advertisements by third parties because it is paid to do that. Unfortunately, you might interact with these ads without even realizing it because the links representing them might look like regular search results. On top of that, tracking cookies – some of which might include “partner cookies” – could be employed to record information about your behavior online, and there is a possibility that they will record private, sensitive information. Obviously, you want to avoid that, and you can do that by removing Work-Bar from your Google Chrome browser. In case you have found this extension on a different browser – which might happen if the developer chooses to cross over to other platforms in the future – post a comment below, and we will adjust the removal instructions.

How to delete Work-Bar

You can remove Work-Bar from Chrome using the guide below. Once you erase this extension – which is usually classified as a browser hijacker – the homepage and New Tab settings should be restored. Another option would be to utilize automated malware removal software, and we advise looking into this option if a malware scanner detects other threats that require elimination. While the add-on is simple, and its removal does not take long, other threats might be much more challenging. By installing anti-malware software, you will have your operating system cleared from all existing threats without having to do anything yourself. Even better, you will also ensure full-time protection, and that is extremely important if you want to prevent real infections from slithering in. If you skip this step, you will have to protect your PC all by yourself, and this could be extremely hard to do.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the Chrome browser and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. In the Extensions menu find the unwanted add-on and click the trash bin button on the right.
  3. Select Remove to get rid of the add-on and then restart the browser.
  4. Scan your PC with a legitimate malware scanner to make sure that your operating system is clean.
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