Wolfram Antivirus

What is Wolfram Antivirus?

It can be easy to fall for the vindictive lies of seemingly legitimate looking rogue security tools such as Wolfram Antivirus, but do not be fooled. Although Wolfram Antivirus may come across as a genuine and user friendly security tool, the truth is it has none of its advertised abilities and users who value the security of their PCs should destroy Wolfram Antivirus as soon as it is detected. This rogue was never designed to be of any value to a PC, but instead only to rip consumers off and leave them with nothing of value in return.

The fact that Wolfram Antivirus enters the system surreptitiously and without the user’s knowledge should already be an indication of its illegitimacy. It will continue to hide its presence from the user until such time that it is able to start its attack against the system. This will usually happen by Wolfram Antivirus spamming the user with fake security alerts and blocking his access to the Internet, among other symptoms. Wolfram Antivirus has no capability whatsoever to scan nor to delete real computer infections. In order to regain control of your PC destroy Wolfram Antivirus with the help of a genuine security tool which will adequately protect your system against similar attacks in future.

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