Wise Xmrig

What is Wise Xmrig?

Wise Xmrig is a Trojan and a cryptocurrency mining application. Obviously, it does not have any useful features and keeping it on the system may only bring trouble. According to our computer security specialists at Anti-spyware-101.com the malicious application might mine various digital currencies by employing the user computer and using a lot of its resources. Unfortunately, as a result, the device could become slow, and on some PCs, it might become impossible to use some of the programs, run computer games, and so on. Therefore, we advise eliminating Wise Xmrig immediately, and once we present all that we have learned about this threat, we will add removal instructions at the end of the article. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to leave a comment below.

Where does Wise Xmrig come from?

It seems Wise Xmrig could sneak in after the user download and launches a malicious bundled installer. Probably, there is no need to tell you that usually such files are received from various doubtful file-sharing web pages. Thus, if you noticed this Trojan or any other threats on the computer, it might be a sign you need to be more cautious in the future. Firstly, we would recommend keeping away from possibly malicious websites and download installers from legitimate sites instead. Secondly, if the setup file is not from the most reputable web page or you doubt its reliability, you should not complete its installation until you review all terms on the configuration wizard. Lastly, to avoid malware, it is always advisable to secure the system by installing a legitimate antimalware tool.

How does Wise Xmrig work?

The research shows the malware could place its data in various locations, so it might be difficult to notice it. Nonetheless, here is a way to find out whether Wise Xmrig is using your computer to mine Bitcoins, Monero, or other digital currencies alike. Apparently, when the Trojan is launched, you should see two specific processes running; all you have to do is open your Task Manager and have a look at the Processes tab. The two processes we mentioned should be named winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe. What’s more, it is essential to know that the winserv.exe description is supposed to say “WindowsHub, ” and as for AudioHD.exe, the description could say “XMRIG.”

As long as the mentioned processes are running, users should notice the computer is slower than usual. For instance, it might become difficult to launch or close some programs, minimize or maximize windows, and so on. In the worst case scenario, the computer can get overheated fast, and some of the programs could crash. Consequently, if you found out Wise Xmrig sneaked onto your system, we highly advise not to let its creators use your computer for them to gain revenue while you cannot work with the PC normally and get rid of it as fast as possible.

How to erase Wise Xmrig?

We can suggest two ways to deal with Wise Xmrig. The first one is to locate all data belonging to the Trojan manually and remove its files one by one. Naturally, it might be not the easiest option, but if you think you have the skills for it, you could try the instructions located at the end of this text. The second option is to install a legitimate antimalware tool, scan the computer with it, and erase the malicious software or other possible threats by clicking the provided deletion button.

Eliminate Wise Xmrig

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Choose Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Processes tab.
  4. Look for the following processes:
  5. Right-click these processes separately and select Go to details or find them on the Details tab.
  6. Check if their descriptions say WindowsHub and XMRIG.
  7. Right-click winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe separately again and pick Open file location.
  8. Leave the opened File Explorer windows and go back to the Task Manager.
  9. Select processes called winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe separately and kill them by clicking End Task.
  10. Go to the File Explorer windows you opened after clicking Open file location.
  11. Right-click winserv.exe and AudioHD.exe separately and click Delete.
  12. Close File Explorer windows.
  13. Empty Recycle Bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Wise Xmrig*

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