What is Win HDD?

Win HDD is yet another fake disk repair program which is being transferred to many PC's connected to the World Wide Web. Win HDD uses the unfair but successful business model which includes annoying messages, blocking of other programs, changed desktop and even Trojans. These trojans is the main core of the infection which helps Win HDD spread.
Win HDD gets into a computer when a trojan is installed through security holes in an operating system. After successfully inside, Trojans will run series of commands which will install the Win HDD application itself. Later on Win HDD will send fake warning messages from the system tray to look less suspecting, will run a fake disk scan and will give a report claiming You have many disk errors and must fix them immediately.

Don trust any of the messages and the Win HDD application itself, because it is all scam. If You already got infected with Win HDD, we suggest removing it immediately.

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