Windows Troubles Analyzer

What is Windows Troubles Analyzer?

Due to the increased sophistication of rogue security tools it’s not all that difficult these days to fall victim to the lies of seditious applications like Windows Troubles Analyzer. This rogue antispyware is incredibly ruthless in its campaign to extort money out of its victims and will stop at nothing to accomplish this feat.
The scare tactics employed by Windows Troubles Analyzer in enough to manipulate many inexperienced and naïve computer users into parting with their money for this worthless and dangerous software. Windows Troubles Analyzer employs seditious Trojan horse infections to deliver and root its infections into its intended victim’s PC. Once rooted, Windows Troubles Analyzer will spam the user with various fake security alerts informing him that his system is under attack.

The false security notifications and desktop blocking were all designed expressly to panic the user into thinking his system has been compromised. Windows Troubles Analyzer will offer to magnanimously remove the falsely purported threats but only once the user pays for its useless software. This should simply never happen as Windows Troubles Analyzer is developed and distributed by unscrupulous cyber criminals out only to fleece its victims out of their hard earned money.

Users have reported that Windows Troubles Analyzer blocks access to Your desktop. Fixing access to Your computers normal screen is done:

1. Windows Troubles Analyzer will scan your computer and when it is done and you should see another fake security notice. Click “OK” one more time.
2. Make the Windows Optimal Solution disappear by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
3. The program should close allowing You to access Your desktop.

Take back what is rightfully yours and eliminate Windows Troubles Analyzer for good. Do this by investing in genuine security tools which will not only annihilate Windows Troubles Analyzer from the system but also provide future protection against similar threats and attacks.

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