Windows Stability Center

What is Windows Stability Center?

There is a new rogue going around, which can easily take down a computer of a gullible user. One careless click is all it takes for Windows Stability Center to entrench in your computer and then slow down your system processes until you virtually cannot perform any task on your computer. Damaging your system is only of the things that Windows Stability Center can do. It actually is designed with intention to fool you into spending your money for nothing.
Even though Windows Stability Center has many ways to reach you, one of it is spam email messages. Sometimes even a message from a person you know can be considered as spam, if your friend’s account has been hijacked and used for rogue distribution purposes. Be careful when you download and execute email attachments, because this is where Windows Stability Center is hiding. If you unzip an attachment containing Windows Stability Center's installer file, you might as well get ready for a serious battle.

In order to make you believe that your computer has been seriously compromised, Windows Stability Center sends you a mass of fake security error messages. These messages plague you with intention to make you pay for Windows Stability Center as soon as possible. However, keep your credit card information to yourself, and do the following: acquire a good malware removal tool and destroy Windows Stability Center. That will save you a whole lot of trouble.

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