Windows Software Guard

What is Windows Software Guard?

Windows Software Guard is the new addition to the fake programs list. Windows Software Guard is dangerous and no matter how hard it tries to convince you otherwise, you mustn't fall for it. The reality of the situation is that Windows Software Guard has been created by malicious software makers which are geared towards tricking people and then obtaining their hard earned money. Windows Software Guard is usually installed through browser security holes, when opening fake attachments or when clicking on a pop-up window.
You should watch out for a slower computer system and be warned that if Windows Software Guard does in fact infect your computer system, that it is powerful enough to actually be able to block real computer software programs on your computer system in order to avoid detection. Windows Software Guard will also show various system warning messages and a fake system scan. You must understand that all of this is generated in order to scare and force users into purchasing a license. Hence the best thing which you can do, would be to remove Windows Software Guard before it’s creates vast amounts of damage for both your computer system and your bank balance.

Windows Software Guard usually blocks access to Your Desktop. You will need to do these simple steps:
1.After Windows Software Guard appears, click the link on the bottom left corner of the Windows Software Guard.

2.After a window pops-up, close it, and immediately close Windows Software Guard software (click the X mark).

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