Windows Smart Security

What is Windows Smart Security?

You can pick up Windows Smart Security without even knowing it, when you are browsing the Internet. Windows Smart Security which also goes by the name WindowsSmartSecurity will infect your system with the use of Trojans when you least expect it. Windows Smart Security will then install itself onto your machine and start doing a security scan of your entire computer. This is fake and there is nothing really scanning your computer at all.
Windows Smart Security will then present you with a notification that states that you have serious threats running on your machine. These shocking security notifications have been designed to scare you and are not real. After you are starting to really worry and freak out, Windows Smart Security offers you a solution to your "problem". This solution comes in the form of a "full version" which it offers you for a small fee. Do not be tricked, none of this is real, the only thing which is real is Windows Smart Security is an infection. No matter what you do, get Windows Smart Security off your system before it causes more trouble for you.

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