Windows Saviour Firewall

What is Windows Saviour Firewall?

Although it may seem like a legitimate security application, steer well clear of Windows Saviour Firewall. This rogue antispyware application infiltrates its victims’ PCs without their consent, and will root itself in the system without their knowledge. Once rooted securely, Windows Saviour Firewall will lodge an attack against the system in an effort to force its owner to pay for its utterly worthless software.

Windows Saviour Firewall makes use of various established forms of infections, including using harmful browser hijackers to forcefully redirect users to compromised landing pages where drive-by download tactics are utilized to forcefully root the Windows Saviour Firewall infection in the PC. Other infection methods include bogus online malware scanners and bundled downloads.

Once Windows Saviour Firewall securely roots itself in the system it will harass the user until the user either decides to buy it or get rid of Windows Saviour Firewall altogether. It will not relent and will spam the user with fake security alerts, block his access to the Internet and cause severe erratic system behavior. Never trust anything this malicious rogue has to say, and erase Windows Saviour Firewall immediately. Do this by investing in a genuine security tool which will also protect against similar future attacks.

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