Windows Recovery

What is Windows Recovery?

There is a new bothersome parasite called Windows Recovery, which ruins more and more computers with every day that passes. It is a rogue antispyware application, designed to look and act like a real security program, but it would never be able to protect your computer from cyber threats, because it is a malicious product, which only wants to lay its hands on your financial funds.
Most often Windows Recovery arrives at your system together with a Trojan horse infection. These two slithers into your system without you knowing it, and at first you might not notice that something is wrong, because sometimes the Trojan can even perform a desirable function. But once Windows Recovery is installed, beware of the consequences if you don’t deal with this infection on the spot.

Windows Recovery will plague you with numerous fake security notifications, trying to force you into believing that your computer has been seriously compromised and you simply must purchase the full version of the rogue, because only then you will be able to remove the threats. However, were you to provide Windows Recovery, your bank account will be swept clean, and your computer will still be infected by this terrible rogue. Hesitate no longer and destroy Windows Recovery before it causes your system to crash.

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