Windows Precaution Center

What is Windows Precaution Center?

Users should be wary of the new threat going around these days by the name of Windows Precaution Center. This new computer threat is a rogue antispyware application, which can surreptitiously enter your system without you even knowing it. Windows Precaution Center pretends to be a genuine security program, and you can notice how good it is at imitating the design of popular antivirus program.
The design and the behavior that Windows Precaution Center exhibits are devised that way in order to project an image of a trustworthy application, while in fact this rogue is a dangerous threat to your computer and your financial security. Windows Precaution Center generates a whole bunch of security alert messages, trying to convince the unsuspecting user that he has numerous threats in his system and he simply must use Windows Precaution Center to remove them.

Needless to say, that this is exactly what you should not do, because for one, Windows Precaution Center cannot remove computer errors, and two, it is only wants to extort your money. So you must keep your credit card number to yourself, close the application at once, because if you give away your credit card information, the creators of the rogue will be able to tap into your bank account anytime. Close the application, and then invest in a reliable antimalware program, which will intercept and destroy Windows Precaution Center for you easily and efficiently.

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