Windows Passport Utility

What is Windows Passport Utility?

Windows Passport Utility is a rogue antispyware which will leave you without your financial funds in no time, if you don’t take this application seriously. Despite the fact that the rogue’s interface reminds you of genuine security program, Windows Passport Utility will never be able to protect your computer, because it is a malicious application, designed to rip you off.
Sometimes Windows Passport Utility enters your computer through spam email. You need to carefully sort out the mail you receive, because sometimes even a message from someone you know can contain the infection, if your friend’s account has been hacked in. Don’t download and open every single attachment without any second thought, because it can contain a set-up file for a Trojan, which will later download the rogue into your system.

However, if you have Windows Passport Utility in your system already, don’t take notice of the security error messages it shows you. These messages are fake. There are no infections in your computer save for Windows Passport Utility itself. The rogue will try to make you buy its license for the full version of the program. It supposedly should protect you from various threats, but if you give away your credit card number to these criminals, your bank account will be exposed to immediate robbery. Don’t let this happen and remove Windows Passport Utility from your computer at once.

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