Windows Optimal Solution

What is Windows Optimal Solution?

Windows Optimal Solution looks like a genuine security application, but in reality it is a rogue anti-spyware program, which targets you and your bank account. Cyber criminals are cunning and they will stop at nothing to rob you, so stay away from Windows Optimal Solution. Windows Optimal Solution doesn’t require an invitation to enter your system. It usually is redistributed via Trojan infection which you can catch when you accidentally land in an unknown site. Sometimes you might need to click on a pop-up or on a fake online scan, but it could be possible to get an infection just by opening the webpage which hosts the malware application.
Windows Optimal Solution settles in your computer without you knowing it, preparing to assault your system with fake security messages. The rogue wants to cause panic, so that you didn’t think before accepting its suggestion to purchase full version of Windows Optimal Solution. But once you allow it to take over the control, you can say goodbye to your financial funds. Bypass the damage Windows Optimal Solution can cause, by terminating the program altogether. There are a few ways to remove the malware – you might choose to do it manually, or use an automatic malware remover. Whichever way you prefer, erase Windows Optimal Solution and safeguard your system well.

We noticed that Windows Optimal Solution may block access to Your desktop. This is done to make users believe that Windows Optimal Solution is the only way to fix computer problems, where the real situation is that this program creates all the mess. To fix access to Your computers normal screen, and start removing Windows Optimal Solution you should:

1. After rebooting You will find Windows Optimal Solution screen blocking access to your Desktop. Click the “OK” button to make it go away. It will start a fake generated system scan.
2. Wait until the scan is done and you should see another fake security notice. Click “OK” one more time.
3. Make the Windows Optimal Solution disappear by clicking on the red “X” at the right top of it.
4. The program should close allowing You to access Your desktop.

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