Windows Express Settings

What is Windows Express Settings?

Windows Express Settings is a new threat to your computer security. It is a rogue antispyware which pretends to be a security program in hopes of luring out your money. Rather than fulfilling its promises, Windows Express Settings rips you off leaving you without the product you’ve been expecting to purchase. If that weren’t enough, the malware can also cause damage to your computer.
Windows Express Settings is an inventive malware which can access your system in multiple ways. It even might be coupled with a Trojan or other type of virus; therefore you should be alert and react immediately when the malware starts acting up, because it might indicate that your computer is under an even more serious threat. Windows Express Settings attacks you with constant pop-ups notifying about fake security errors and requesting to perform a fake system scan. It might even go as far as block some important programs like Internet Explorer.

Therefore, once you are sure you are infected with Windows Express Settings, try to remove it from your computer immediately. Terminating the malware manually might appear to be a little too much of a task, but you can always use an automatic malware scanner which would help you with the problem at hand. And once you terminate Windows Express Settings, choose a reliable security tool to ensure the future safety of your computer.

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