Windows Express Help

What is Windows Express Help?

Rogue anti-spyware applications are dangerous computer threats in the sense that they are best at what they do, namely – cheating. Windows Express Help is a malicious program which has emerged recently and it is terrorizing unsuspecting computer users by forcing them to pay for worthless security tool. No matter what Windows Express Help might be trying to tell you, keep in mind that it is not true, and the rogue only wants to rip you off. What is more, if you don’t react immediately to this threat, it will also cause severe damage to your computer.
For the most part Windows Express Help enters your system via Trojan infection. When it gets installed the rogue will agonize you with countless fake security notifications, maintaining that your computer is under attack and you need to correct the issues at once. You have to understand that paying attention to these notifications will bring you only harm. Windows Express Help is a malicious application which performs a fake system scan and them tries to convince to spend your money on a full version of the security program. Needless to say that, this whole affair is absolutely fake and you will only burn a hole in your bank account if you let Windows Express Help lead you.

Don’t let it delude you. Protect your money and your computer from this terrible parasite. Your foremost alternative is to remove Windows Express Help from your system and prevent any other threats from entering your computer by investing in a reliable security tool.

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  1. Father in law called me up in a panic cause thing thing had installed itself.. luckily he hadnt paid for it... DO nto wait around this thing is evil.. Kill it asap. I did a system restore to 10 days ago and then found the files and manaully deleted.. It really will not let you do anything while it runs (including task manager)

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