Windows Enterprise Defender

What is Windows Enterprise Defender?

Windows Enterprise Defender can also be recognised by the name WindowsEnterpriseDefender and needs to be avoided. Windows Enterprise Defender is a specific anti spyware application that has been designed in order to make you buy the full version. Windows Enterprise Defender may gain access to your computer via a zlob/MediaAccess Codec installer, which may be found on pornographic related websites. Windows Enterprise Defender will generate many irritating popups which will be disguised as system notifications. These system notifications have been designed in order to lead you to certain chosen websites.
It makes use of the popular and widely used Zlob Trojan and is very dangerous. It is highly recommended that all internet users in the entire world, avoid clicking on any links that are not trusted. Windows Enterprise Defender specifically tries to get you to click on links which will redirect your browser to the Windows Enterprise Defender website which tries to make you install, download or purchase this malicious software. If you feel that you may have Windows Enterprise Defender running on your machine then you need to get rid of it immediately.

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