Windows Care Tool

What is Windows Care Tool?

Windows Care Tool just started spreading and will do everything within its power to try and make you believe that it is something which it is not. The reality of the situation is that Windows Care Tool is a malicious rogue antispyware application which will bombard you with false warning messages in an attempt to try and convince you that your computer has problems. The best thing which you can do is to remove Windows Care Tool immediately with the use of a removal tool which is effective. You need to fully understand that Windows Care Tool is capable of being able to block the user from accessing any computer security related websites as well as the factor that your own software on your computer may be blocked.
Windows Care Tool may also result in system settings being modified which will even make it difficult for advanced users to be able to effectively get rid of Windows Care Tool. Windows Care Tool is nothing that it claims to be and is really a malicious rogue. It is incapable of detecting nor of removing ANY real computer threat. Do not become the next victim and rather be safe than sorry. Everyone should remove Windows Care Tool as soon as possible.

If You have trouble accessing Desktop, please wait until the scan finishes, and try closing Windows Care Tool. If the scan is taking to long imitating, You can click the microsoft link at the bottom left corner of this fake program, which will present with a new window. You should be able to close Windows Care Tool NOW.

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