Windows Anticrashes Utility

What is Windows Anticrashes Utility?

Beware of Windows Anticrashes Utility, because it is the newest player in the ever-expanding field of rogue antispyware applications. Just like its predecessors, this rogue is very good at maintaining attractive image and fooling unsuspecting users into believing that it can solve all of their problems. Too bad it could never do that, because Windows Anticrashes Utility is nothing else, but a malicious computer threat.
This rogue can be redistributed via fake online malware scanners, flash advertisements, spam comments, hacked sites, browser hijackers and so on. The abundance of the distribution methods only proves that the creators of Windows Anticrashes Utility are trying hard to reach users all over the world with intention to rip them off. That is right – money is the main goal of such rogues like Windows Anticrashes Utility, so believing in their pretty tales is absolutely detrimental.

When Windows Anticrashes Utility is installed in your system it will send you numerous fake security alert messages, indicating terrible errors in your computer and urging you to solve them immediately, using none the other but Windows Anticrashes Utility. You should never do that, because “solving” those problems involves paying for the rogue, which is absolutely worthless. Not to mention that you would also be revealing your banking information to the cyber criminals and that would result into a total theft from your bank account. Rather than allowing this rogue to stay in your computer, get yourself and good malware removal tool and destroy Windows Anticrashes Utility immediately.

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