Windows XP Fix

What is Windows XP Fix?

Windows XP Fix is a harmful and malicious rogue antispyware application which will try and come across as a genuine and user friendly application. This rogue was developed by cyber criminals in order to rip honest consumers off. It does not own the ability to identify, quarantine or remove any type of threat from the system, and is nothing more than a malicious threat in itself.

Windows XP Fix will use any means at its disposal to infiltrate its victim’s PC. This includes bundling its malware and Trojans together with other third party downloads, and using bogus online malware scanners and infected online flash ads. Once it manages to securely root its infection into its victim’s PC, the Windows XP Fix rogue will start its attack against the system.

This will usually be heralded by a fake system scan which will inform the user that his system is overrun by fake threats. Some of the warning messages may look like this:

Hard Drive Failure
The system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE / SATA hard disks. It is recommended that you restart the system.

System Error
An error occurred while reading system files. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors.

Critical Error
Hard drive critical error. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors. Windows can't find hard disk space. Hard drive error.

Fix Disk
Windows XP Fix Diagnostics will scan the system to identify performance problems.
Start or Cancel

Windows XP Fix Diagnostics
Windows detected a hard disk error.
A problem with the hard drive sectors has been detected. It is recommended to download the following sertified software to fix the detected hard drive problems. Do you want to download recommended software?

This again is all done in order to panic the user into thinking his system is under attack. Take back control of what is rightfully yours and use a powerful security tool to permanently obliterate Windows XP Fix from the system for good. This will also protect you from future similar threats and attacks.

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Windows XP Fix

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