Windows PC Defender

What is Windows PC Defender?

Windows PC Defender is a fake anti-spyware program which derives from the same family as Windows Additional Guard and Windows Guard Pro that are identical to Windows PC Defender. The rogue infects a computer when visiting suspicious websites or after downloading spam email attachments that are very often infected with different types of malware. This is why you should never open spam emails and go to suspicious websites that offer you a lot of different free software.

Windows PC Defender looks like a Windows product, because cyber crooks included Windows design elements which create an illusion that the program is legitimate and worth using. You will find such icons as Home, Scan, History, and Tools which are identical to ones found in the Windows operating system. However, the icons at the top of the tables presented by the rogue is just a trick to convince you that system scans and different notifications are real. For example, you may find such statements as follows:

Register Windows PC Defender to get full protection against potentially unwanted software, viruses and malware.
Advice: Please register to clean up potentially harmful items.
Warning! Your computer is infected
Warning! Trojan Found!
File name: crss.drv
Threat name: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Sunfraud.a
Warning! Your PC is at risk of virus and malware attack.
Your system requires immediate check!
System Security will perform a quick and free scan of your PC for viruses and malicious programs.

The rogue presents different infections and, as you can see from the first two extracts, it attempts to convince the user that the full version of Windows PC Defender will remove those dangerous infections. In such a situation, you should ignore every single peace of information provided by the infection and remove it with a reliable spyware removal tool.

If you want to remove Windows PC Defender, use SpyHunter, which is a powerful spyware removal tool, and it will solve all the problems that have been brought by Windows PC Defender. For example, once you remove Windows PC Defender, the computer performance will get back to normal; the Internet connection will speed up and, most importantly, you will receive no fake messages and scans saying that the PC and the data is at risk.

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