Windows Custodian Utility

What is Windows Custodian Utility?

Having the Windows Custodian Utility infection is not the best thing in the world, is it? It affects your system performance, so you need to remove Windows Custodian Utility in order to avoid slow computer performance, fake scans with shocking non-existent findings and, most importantly, loss of money! If this does not convince you to delete Windows Custodian Utility from your system, you should also know it comes from the same family as Windows Shielding Utility and Windows First-Class Protector, all of which have robbed many users around the globe.

Windows Custodian Utility gets into your computer by using various security loopholes from webpages, social networks, e-mail attachments. Simply clicking on a link or opening a file will inject new files which will initiate the download and execution of Windows Custodian Utility program itself.

But do not think that people are so stupid and give away their money so easily! Actually, Windows Custodian Utility is known for its hoax, for by providing you false, yet terrifying information about your computer safety, it extracts your credit card data saying you need to purchase the full version of Windows Custodian Utility to remove all the reported infections, which, in reality, do not even exist! If you do not choose to purchase Windows Custodian Utility’s license, you can be sure that this rogue will constantly show you bogus alerts, claiming that your system is in danger.

If this fake security software only lies to you, why would you leave it in your system? Take the plunge and remove Windows Custodian Utility, for it has no interest in your computer protection and can even leave your system vulnerable for other infections!

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

The longer you allow Windows Custodian Utility to remain in your computer the more you have to suffer the frustrating symptoms of the infection. One of them is the never-ending onslaught of fraudulent security messages that are there to convince you your computer is under attack:

Software without a digital signature detected.
Your system files are at risk. We strongly advise you to activate your protection.

Warning! Identity theft attempt Detected
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Your passwords for sites

Your computer IS under attack, but the enemy in question is Windows Custodian Utility itself. You will soon see how annoying and resilient the rogue is when it comes to reaching its goal. In order to push you into purchasing the fake security application Windows Custodian Utility needs to avoid being removed and so it cuts you off from the Internet, Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor - three main tools that would allow you to proceed with either manual or automatic removal.

However, you can get it all back for a time being by "activating" Windows Custodian Utility with this registration code:


Before the rogue regroups and attacks you again, remove Windows Custodian Utility with a reliable antimalware tool. You can also terminate it on your own, but it is not recommended for the users who are not used to working with the Registry Editor. Allow a legitimate program to erase Windows Custodian Utility and protect your computer from similar threats.

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Windows Custodian Utility
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Windows Custodian Utility
Windows Custodian Utility

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