Windows Clear Problems

What is Windows Clear Problems?

Windows Clear Problems is a fake security program and it belongs to a big nest of rogue antispyware applications. They all have one thing in common – just like its forerunners Windows Clear Problems comes forth with a set of skills developed to rip unsuspecting consumers off. Don’t be fooled by its appealing interface. Even though this rogue looks a lot like a popular antivirus program, it cannot deliver its promises. Quite the opposite – Windows Clear Problems will only damage your computer if you allow it to stay there.

One of the ways for Windows Clear Problems to get into your computer is via spam mail messages. A part of spam mail manages to get through your junk filter and lands in your main inbox. Some of these messages might even be from the people you know. They might be sent out automatically if your friends’ accounts are hacked. If you download the attachment from these messages or click on the links which were embedded in the texts, you are most likely to get infected by Windows Clear Problems.

When Windows Clear Problems is installed it floods you with a mass of fake security notifications which you should ignore point blank. There is not even a bit of truth in these messages and you will end up being robbed if you follow everything this rogue tells you. Therefore, remove Windows Clear Problems from your computer using a reliable antimalware tool and make sure you safeguard your computer against future infections.

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Windows Clear Problems
  1. How to remove Windows Clear Problems

    Thank you VERY much for this guide! Exelent job! It helped me to prevent this crap.

  2. Remove Windows Clear Problems

    Thank you for your great information, after followed all instruction, now I am free from virus.

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