Windows AntiHazard Helper

What is Windows AntiHazard Helper?

A new rogue antispyware program Windows AntiHazard Helper is ready to attack hundreds of PC user all around the world, and you can easily become one of the many infected systems’ owners. Windows AntiHazard Helper has no other purpose but to make you believe into a fictitious Windows infection and to make you purchase a full version security tool, offered for an attractive low-cost. If you believe the rogue and pay any money, it will be wasted on software, which will never produce proclaimed services! Once activated, Windows AntiHazard Helper is likely to remove essential Windows privileges, just to hide itself from being found and removed, so be aware of this rogue and do not let it slither into your PC.

Once invades, it might slow down your computer, block computer programs or Internet connection; so, be wary that when your system starts acting strangely, it most likely means that it is under control of a vicious infection, like Windows AntiHazard Helper. What is worse, the rogue’s processes will be added to the system’s start-up, meaning that application’s running will start every time you launch your computer. Moreover, you will be bombarded with multiple warning messages and pop-up alerts, which you will not be able to remove from your screen, and which will constantly intimidate you with imitated viruses, worms and other infections.

If you follow any Windows AntiHazard Helper recommendations and offers, you will be directed straight to the purchase page, where attractive prices will make you believe that Windows AntiHazard Helper is truly an amazing tool, offering you protection for good money. Remember that this fake antispyware is nothing but a load of non-existent services, so any money spent, will be money wasted! Do not let be manipulated by cyber criminals and remove Windows AntiHazard Helper from your system, before any damage is done.

Windows AntiHazard Helper belongs to the same cluster of rogues as Windows Guardian Angel, Windows Software Keeper, Windows No-Risk Center and many more. These are the rogues from the so-called Rogue.VirusDoctor family and they have been popping up every single day lately. It means that the creators of Windows AntiHazard Helper are really eager to make a fast profit, by taking advantage of inexperienced computer users.

Before you remove Windows AntiHazard Helper, it will definitely flood you with similar fake security notifications:

Attempt to modify registry key entries detected. Registry entry analysis is recommended.

Warning! Identity theft attempt Detected
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Your passwords for sites

Also, Windows AntiHazard will present you with dangerous scan results, saying that your system has been infected with such "viruses" as Rootkit.Win32.KernelBot, Trojan.Win32.Agent, Rookit and so on. It even goes as far as providing a description for each infection. For example:

Virus name: Server-Proxy
Security Risk: 3/5
Infected file: Kernle32.dll
Description: This time of behaviour covers malicious programs that delete, block, modify or copy data, disrupt computer performance, but which cannot be classified under any of the behaviours identified above.

Windows AntiHazard Helper also blocks your Internet connection along with your executables, Windows Task Manager and Registry Editor. "Officially" it says that it happens because it needs to protect your computer from further infections, but it only wants to remain in your system for as long as possible, so that Windows AntiHazard Helper would reach its goal.

Counter the rogue's tactics by using this activation key: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020

It will not kill Windows AntiHazard Helper, but the rogue will cease acting up for a while and you will be able to erase Windows AntiHazard Helper with your antimalware program of choice.

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Windows AntiHazard Helper

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