Win Defragmenter

What is Win Defragmenter?

Win Defragmenter is another rogue disk fixing tool which has been created in order to continue the line of many fake disk-fixing programs. It is essential that Win Defragmenter never comes alone: the moment You see Win Defragmenter in YOur computer, we assure that You're also infected with a Trojan which got Win Defragmenter into Your computer in the first place. Win Defragmenter is really an annoying program - It shows and disturbs you to death with its endless alerts about the protection of Your data and disk life. All this is done in order to force a user into purchasing a license for Win Defragmenter which will shut up all warning messages.
Win Defragmenter Win Defragmenter’s ability to run a disk scan, is like a fairytale because the program cant run a real scan nor detect any hard drive problems - all these are just generated randomly to scare computer users. More over, after a trojan installs Win Defragmenter it can also open up a way for more fake programs such as a fake security program. Our advice - if you have met with this virus inside Your machine and interrupting your own activity, please get rid of Win Defragmenter immediately without hesitations.

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