What is WinDefender2008?

WinDefender2008 (WinDefender 2008 or Win Defender 2008) is a rogue spyware remover that leaps into your computer by Trojan Zlob through system security holes and tries to make you believe its a Windows XP or Vista security program. WinDefender2008 runs when Windows starts, generating fake security popups and fake system messages reading:

Current threats detect by WinDefender 2008 today.
This information is provided based on current threat level and internet user's database. WinDefender is trying to detected and remove all items."

"Computer scan results: 284 items detected
NOTE: Detected objects marked in red are CRITICAL and should be removed from the computer!"

WinDefender2008's notifications state that your computer is infected with spyware and that in order to remove these threats you should buy the full WinDefender2008 program.

In addition, if you click on any of the fake error messages, WinDefender2008 may hijack your Homepage settings and redirect you to WinDefender2008's website ( to push you to buy WinDefender2008's full version of the program.

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