Win 7 Antimalware 2011

What is Win 7 Antimalware 2011?

The latest threat is Win 7 Antimalware 2011 which is a rogue antispyware application. It will enter your computer system without your knowledge and may proceed to run a fake system scan on your computer system which will generate fake results, all in an effort to try and get you to purchase a full version which does not exist. It is going to be best to remove Win 7 Antimalware 2011 from your computer system immediately.
It is best to understand that Win 7 Antimalware 2011 may result in files and folders appearing and disappearing. You may also experience the factor that some of your system settings will be modified without you having done anything. The connection of your computer system will also slow down due to Win 7 Antimalware 2011. No matter what way you look at it, it’s best to get rid of Win 7 Antimalware 2011 immediately with the use of a reliable antispyware removal tool.

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