What is WebCobra?

WebCobra is not an infection you want entering your operating system. Even though it is unlikely to create a mess on its own, it can download other malicious programs, and these could be extremely dangerous. While there is a possibility that virtually any file could be downloaded using this downloader, at the time of research, its main task was to drop a crypto-currency miner. Two unique miners are linked to the threat, and which one is dropped onto a specific Windows operating system, depends on the architecture of that system. On the x86 architecture, the infection drops Cryptonight. On the x64 architecture, it drops Claymore’s Zcash. Both of these are silent crypto-currency miners that can help cyber criminals obtain crypto-currency. Virtually, any computer could be used for the process. Then why don’t criminals use their own computers? Crypto-currency mining requires a lot of energy, which means that the electrical bill can get very high. Basically, miners are energy stealers, and the sooner you delete WebCobra, Cryptonight, and Claymore’s Zcash – the better.

How does WebCobra work?

You have to be exceptionally careful about the software and files you download because WebCobra could use them to hide itself. Malicious bundled downloaders are often used for the distribution of serious threats, and so you need to be cautious. Of course, if the threat was executed on your operating system, it would best if you knew how it got in. If you have no clue, at least inspect your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner to learn if other malicious threats were installed along with WebCobra. Without a doubt, it is important to remove WebCobra as soon as possible because if this threat is active for any time, it can start acting in a malicious manner. For one, it can terminate the processes of security and anti-malware programs. If it is successful at that, any malicious threat can execute and avoid immediate removal. That is necessary for the clandestine crypto-miners to work in an efficient manner. Both Cryptonight and Claymore’s Zcash are dropped silently, but once they start running, you should figure out soon that something is not right.

To mine crypto-currency, Cryptonight and Claymore’s Zcash need a lot of system resources. If your computer is older or hasn’t been updated in a while, 100% of CPU power could be employed for mining. To check CPU usage, tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys, select Task Manager, and then go to the “Performance” menu. The more programs are active and running, the higher the percentage of usage will be, but if no programs are running and your operating system is not updating in the background, you should be alarmed. Also, your CPU should never reach 100% even if multiple programs are running or the system is updating. Miners are not the only threats that can cause this issue, which is why you have the second reason to employ a legitimate malware scanner. If you are informed that you need to remove WebCobra or a crypto-miner (the name could change depending on the tool you use; for example, Trojan.Bitcoinminer), that is the malware you need to focus on.

How to delete WebCobra

We regret to inform that we cannot provide you with the exact location of WebCobra. Even the name of the infection’s launcher could be unique in every case. Due to this, manual removal might be too complicated for most victims. When it comes to deleting Cryptonight and Claymore’s Zcash miners, you should be able to get rid of them using the manual removal guide below. Even so, implementing trustworthy anti-malware software is the best move you can make. It will quickly examine your operating system and, with your permission, will automatically remove WebCobra, existing miners, and all other threats that could exist without you even knowing about it. You also need to think about Windows security post the malicious miner-dropper. Are you ready to protect your system yourself? Even experienced users would have trouble with that, but anti-malware software would take care of it automatically, which is another reason to install it immediately.

Removal Instructions

  1. Identify the launcher of WebCobra and Delete it.
  2. Simultaneously tap Win+E keys.
  3. Enter %TEMP% into the quick access field.
  4. Delete the malicious miner file, –[random].cMD
  5. Enter %WINDIR% into the quick access field.
  6. Delete the miner folder named {DE03ECBA-2A77-438C-8243-0AF592BDBB20}.
  7. Empty Recycle Bin and then implement a malware scanner to scan your operating system ASAP.
  8. If leftover threats are found, delete them right away. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of WebCobra*

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