Web Timer

What is Web Timer?

Web Timer is a new adware-type browser extension whose objective is to make money for its developers by displaying advertisements on your PC’s screen in various forms. We recommend that you remove it from your computer as soon as you can because the content of the ads may not be safe. Suspicious applications might find their way on your machine as a result. In this article we will discuss the most relevant information currently available to us which has been provided by our malware analysts, so please read it if you have installed this extension.

Where does Web Timer come from?

Unfortunately, there is no way of determining this application’s origins because this program has no link to any software developer. We do not know the country of origin of the company or its legal company name because neither Web Timer features it nor can it be found on its website. Due to the fact that no software developers have claimed responsibility for developing this adware, we are positive that it is unreliable, and the developers purposefully hide their tracks not to get linked to this program.testtesttest

As far as distribution methods got, our researchers have found that it is currently being hosted on the Chrome Web Store. Indeed, this browser extension can be downloaded from that website because, as far as Google is concerned, this app is entirely safe. However, the store does not provide information about its origins as well. The same can be said about its dedicated website at Webtimer.net, which also does not contain any credible information about the developing company.

How does Web Timer work?

Our malware researchers have downloaded ant tested the extension from the Chrome Web Store and were surprised to see that this extension’s website visit counter works. So let us go over the details. In truth, there is nothing spectacular about this app. It has a simple yet customizable counter that keeps track of the websites that you visit and how much time you spend on them in a day or all time. The results are displayed in a short list which you can expand and also as a pie chart. The usefulness of this application is debatable because it is a neat fun app at first but it serves no greater purpose. We suppose it may be useful for people who spend too much time on a given website and want to limit their exposure. However, the statistics menu is not the primary function of this program as its real objective is to display commercial advertisements.

Our researchers went through some of the documentation posted on Webtimer.net and found the excuse for making this program ad-supported. The website says that “The Software is free to use and supported by various monetization mechanisms, including but not limited to search, banner, video, image, inline text, and transitional advertising, affiliate links, data aggregation and sales, work distribution, surveys, and sweepstakes.” Of course, we expect nothing less from the secretive developers but to say that they have to force you to view advertisements to use this application for free. Apparently, no one would purchase this program if it had a paid license. As you can tell from the quote, Web Timer is set to show you all kinds of advertisements and our researchers are concerned that the ads may come from unreliable sources.

Another quote from the Terms of Service gives us insight into the security measures the company takes to ensure that their promoted content is safe, or does it? According to the document, “You understand that the Company does not control the User Content, and the Company assumes no responsibility or liability for objectionable User Content.” So there you have it, that it how safe Web Timer is, so given the security issues regarding this application we recommend that you delete it.

How to remove Web Timer?

The information above makes a strong case that this application is unreliable because it is ad-supported and there is no way to determine whether the provided content is safe. To the detriment of the users, this program’s developers do not bother filtering the promoted content of potentially malicious links. Therefore, this application may provide links to malicious websites and malware downloads, and you should avoid such content. To be on the safe side, we invite you to remove Web Timer.

Remove this extension from Google Chrome

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+F on your keyboard.
  2. Choose More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Locate and Remove Web Timer.
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